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BBQ Team Activity

BBQ Team Activity
Issue Time:2015-09-28

        Last week, we organized a team activity, BBQ in the countryside ranch.

        It was a nice day, the air was filled with the fragrance of osmanthus flowers. We brought the raw material and start thefire. Everybody participated in cooking, especially Mr. Alex, he was really a good cook and the food was especially delicious, we all appreciated it and enjoyed it.

        After the barbecue, everyone found some entertainment activities. Mr. Zheng was playing on a swing, Mrs Wang was takingthe picture of the beautiful scenery, other people like Michael Bo, Niki King,Jet Wang, Vincy Zheng were playing cards. This wonderful afternoon passed in a peaceful tempo.

        This team activity is really a good chance to build relationship between CANDID family. We all have a great time.