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Nut Heading Machine

Semi or Full Automatic Edge Trimming Machine with easy operation.
  • Z41 Series Nut Heading Machine
  • Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Blue or Customized
  • M3-M24
  • 55-160pcs/min
  • zmec@china-equipments.com

Nut Heading Machine

Product Description

Nut Heading Machine

Please do send inquiry to our email  :zmec@china-equipments.com

The blanks of six angle screws made by cold drawing hight tray or the bar of stocks become bared six angle screws after tapping silks.

The machines of the this series are all of floor stype with work-positions in level order. All the machine proceduces induding the feeding of bars, parting , removing of finished workieces, pinching and cold-heading  are in an automatic operation.With the speciality of the right and secure locating and convenient operating,adjusting,repairing, packing and seperating, they are the ideal equipments of good quality and stable production.

Nut Production Line includes Nut Cold-heading Machine and Nut Tapper.

1. Nut Cold-heading Machine

To cold heading raw material to get nut blank as follows:

Type No Specifications Slider stroke Productivity Motor Power Dimension Weight
Z41-4 M3-M4 80mm 160pec/min 3.0kw 1200x730x 1035mm 1200kg
Z41-6 M4-M6 85mm 120pec/min 5.5kW 2395x 1430x 1230mm 3600kg
Z41-8 M6-M8  108mm 100pec/min 7.5kw 2560x1500x 1350mm 4500kg
Z41-10 M8-M10 108mm 90pec/min 11 kw 3200x 1800x1500mm 5500kg
Z41-12 M10-M12 120mm 85pec/min 15kw 4200x2600x1600mm 9200kg
Z41-16 M14-M16 150mm 70pec/min 22kw 5020x2800x 1800mm 15000kg
Z41-20 M16-M20 165mm 65pec/min 40kw 6000x2800x 1800mm 20000kg
Z41-24 M18-M24 200mm 55pec/min 45kw 6500x3000x2000mm 28000kg
Z41-30 M18-M30 200mm 50pec/min 55kw 6800x3100*2100mm 40000kg

Cold-heading Machine

Nut Heading Machine

2. Nut Tapper

To  make tapping on nut blank to get nut as follows:

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 Product Show

Packaging & Shipping

We choose the best domestic delivery and handle goods carefully, using necessary protections to keep the machines away from unexpected damages. We ensure that clients will get their satisfying machines.

Automatic Edge Trimming Machine shipping

Automatic Edge Trimming Machinepacking

1. Guarantee : 12 months after commissioning.

2. Installation : Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Wherever you are, CANDID has the experience, knowledge, and skills to meet your needs and satisfy your requirements.

Automatic Edge Trimming Machine Our Customers

Q: What is the raw material for screw?

A: Low carbon iron wire, commonly from 1008 to 1022, different type of screw, different carbon content.


Q: Can you provide specification of raw material?

A: We will provide you size of raw material after we get diameter of shank of all screws.


Q: What is electrical supply of machine?

A: Our machine normally is 380V, 3P, 50Hz, but it could be as your requirement.

Q: Could one set of machine make all sizes of screw?

A: No, our machine has its production range, one machine could make screw with some production range.


Q: What is screw making machine woking progress?

A: The progress as blow: Raw material >> Cold heading >> Thread rolling >>Screw 


Q: What is the power of screw making machine?

A: Our screw nail making machine is with different power ccording different reuipment for screw nail machine detailed ,please refer to our quotation.


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