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Automatic Reinforcing Mesh Product Line II

Full Automatic Reinforcing Mesh Product Line
Easy operation
Advanced technology
High working efficiency
  • Full Automatic Reinforcing Mesh Product Line II
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Full Automatic Reinforcing Mesh Product Line

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Automatic Steel Bar Mesh Sheet Welding Machine Parameter:

The control system: CNC

Power system: Electromagnetic brake motor



GWCD2500 (3-8)

GWCD2500 (5-12)

GWCD3300 (5-12)

Number of electrodes




Max. mesh width

≤2500 mm

≤2500 mm

≤3300 mm

Wire diameter

3-8 mm

5-12 mm

5-12 mm

Mesh length

3-12 m

3-12 m

3-12 m

Cross wires space

50-200 mm

100-300 mm

100-300 mm

Line wires space

50-200 mm

100-300 mm

100-300 mm

Electric capacity

800 KVA

1600 KVA

2000 KVA

Welding speed

30-60 Count/Min

30-50 Count/Min

30-50 Count/Min

Control system

PLC control

PLC control

PLC control

Function Features:

1.  Both line wires and cross wires are per-straighten, cut and fed automatic. The finished mesh is automatic stacking and packaging.

2.  Cross wire hopper which can save one labor.

3.  Automatically arranging, catching, aligning and feeding line wires.

4.  Automatically outputting, dropping, stacking, aligning and packaging finished mesh.


1.  Different from ordinary reinforcing mesh welding equipment, the line wires and cross wires are fed automatically.

2.  Automatic turning over, dropping and packaging mesh instead of manually lifting, placing and bundling mesh, which maximized save labor and greatly increased production.

automatic reinforcing welded mesh machine

PLC control reinforced rebar mesh welding machine manufacturer

Export to PERU

Our Peruvian customerordered the first production line from us in 2012 with a value of ninetythousand dollars and because of the good running condition of our machines,they placed subsequent order for another two wire drawing production line, onewelding machine production line and twenty-three sets nail making machine fromus. This customer has manufactured wire products only for two to three years,currently their market share has accounted for 20% in Peru and Chile. At present, their company roseto the second largest wire products supplier in Peru.

In June this year, wecooperated again in two complete welding net production line, the scale of thispurchase was much bigger than before, with a value of $500000.00 and technicallyspeaking, machines are all full automatic this time instead of previous manualoperation. So far, this client has placed orders valued nearly a million.

Reinforced rebar mesh welding machine manufacturer



Q : What is the machine power?

A: We offer gabion machine with 380V three phases , 60HZ, we could change the current to 220V three phased or 440V three phased etc(change different current will have extra cost )


Q: what is the raw material for netting?

A: Low-carbon steel wire


Q: How many mesh size can one machine produce?

A: One machine could produce many different mesh size, usually is from 50*50-300*300mm, and the mesh size is related to wire diameter.


Q: What is request other equipments in factory?

One forklift , one cranefor loading and unloading ,move gabion machine , ,complete set of tools ,include big wire clipper.


Q: How many workers needed for one machine?

A: It’s totally need 3-4 workers.


Q: What is the capacity for wire mesh welding machine?

A: The capacity is 50-60 times per min.


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