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Analysis of the failure of wire drawing machine die

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Analysis of the failure of wire drawing machine die

Everyone knows that wire drawing machine equipment needs to be equipped with suitable molds in work, and most of the wire drawing machine molds can maintain normal production status after installation and commissioning, and we usually make this process into the service of molds. Obviously, users and friends should all hope that the mold can reach a longer service period, which will bring a lot of convenience.

However, in actual work, there will always be some unexpected situations. For example, the mold of the wire drawing machine equipment has some defects due to some reasons during the production process, or it is damaged during use and installation. If it does, it will affect the service life of the mold and cause some problems, such as micro cracks, wear and deformation, in a short time. Although it can still meet the needs of work in a relatively mild state, it will cause failure after a certain degree of accumulation.

What is failure? When we actually work, if it is found that the main parts of the die of the wire drawing machine equipment are damaged and it is not possible to continue to process qualified workpieces, it can be considered as a die failure. Generally, the failure modes of the mold mainly include plastic deformation, wear, fracture or cracking, metal fatigue and corrosion, etc.

In addition, if it is divided according to the failure time, it can also be divided into normal failure and early failure. If after a lot of production and use, due to friction problems, natural wear or slow deformation, etc., and the service life of the drawing machine mold has reached the normal use standard, these are normal The phenomenon of failure.

If it is another situation, before the normal use period is reached, the die of the wire drawing machine equipment has a serious problem, and if the production work cannot be performed normally, it means that it is an early failure problem. . At this time, we need to find out the specific reasons and take remedial measures in a timely manner.


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